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With friends or family, experience the

Experience an Escape Room !

For 60 minutes, your team will progress in one of our magnificent immersive sets.

Experience a great adventure in a life-size escape game with 2 to 6 players.

Each enigma resolved, each mystery pierced will bring you closer to the denouement.

Coolness, brain storming, sense of observation will be your most valuable allies.

We'll make you love Escape Game !

Creative and realistic sets.

An skilled game master dedicated to your team.

Last generation rooms with multiple mechanisms.

Air-conditioned rooms to offer the best possible comfort.

A quality welcome from your entrance to your departure.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ :

Can I reschedule my booking ?

No, your booking is definitive.

Can I arrive late or early ? What time should I arrive ?

It is important to arrive at the time mentioned in the booking confirmation email you received.
If you are late, we may cancel your game without refund.
If you are early, we may not be able to welcome you in our premises, until previous players leave.
Please take a look at our de Live Escape geolocation page.

Are we filmed ?

YES but not recorded ! Throughout your game, the Game Master observes your progress, so he/she can help you in your adventure for a better experience.

What is the maximum number of players per room ?

All rooms are provided for up to 5 players, except for the room « The Ghost of the Titanic » which can accommodate 6 players.

How long is the game ?

The game lasts 60 minutes, but you are at Live Escape about 1h30.

Can we play at the same time if we are 7 or more ?

The solution is simple : book several rooms, we will welcome you all together so that all the teams start their game at the same time.

In case you have booked rooms with slots that are staggered by half an hour, all come to the time the sooner.

Can children play ?

Our rooms are not suitable for groups of children under 14 years.

Children can play and have fun with their family from 8 years, except on Welcome Camarades which is a room not recommended for children under 12 years.

Are the games in several languages ?

All games are in French and English.

Can I offer a gift voucher ?

Yes, you can buy it from this page.